How Do Human Resources Managers Maintain Personalization in High-Volume Recruitment?

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    How Do Human Resources Managers Maintain Personalization in High-Volume Recruitment?

    In the fast-paced world of talent acquisition, balancing high-volume recruitment with personalized candidate experiences is crucial. We've gathered insights from Recruitment Consultants and Founders, exploring strategies from personalizing recruitment messages to employing dynamic personalization and round-robin chats. Discover five expert tips to help you maintain that essential personal touch.

    • Personalize Your Recruitment Messages
    • Utilize ATS for Personalized Touchpoints
    • Opt for Plain-Text Automated Emails
    • Incorporate Personalized Video Messages
    • Employ Dynamic Personalization and Round-Robin Chats

    Personalize Your Recruitment Messages

    The biggest tip I can provide is to ensure your messages all have some level of personalization—the message itself can, and likely should, have the same structure and messaging, but there needs to be room to add personalization. Whether that is complimenting their listed projects or work experience, it goes a long way in starting off with a candidate on the right foot—as well as driving interest in the role you are pitching.

    Phil Mosher
    Phil MosherRecruitment Consultant

    Utilize ATS for Personalized Touchpoints

    To manage high-volume recruitment while keeping a personal touch, leveraging technology efficiently is key. Implementing an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) can streamline the sorting, screening, and initial communication processes. However, to maintain a personal touch, I recommend personalizing communication at crucial touchpoints.

    For example, use the candidate's name in emails and provide specific feedback or comments related to their application or interview. Even automated messages can be crafted to feel personal and engaging. This approach demonstrates respect for the candidate's effort and maintains a positive perception of your company, enhancing the candidate experience even in high-volume scenarios.

    Ana Alipat
    Ana AlipatRecruitment Team Lead, Dayjob Recruitment

    Opt for Plain-Text Automated Emails

    Use plain-text templates for automated emails. In high-volume hiring, HR teams tend to use automated tools that send marketing-style HTML emails for assessment invites or interview invites. These emails tend to look salesy with trendy HTML content that instantly makes it clear that the emails are automated. Using plain-text emails for automated communication can help give the impression that the email is personalized/written by a human.

    Siddhartha Gunti
    Siddhartha GuntiCo-founder, Adaface

    Incorporate Personalized Video Messages

    As the founder of one of the largest four-day workweek recruitment platforms in the UK, we use advanced recruitment software to handle the initial stages of the recruitment process. This includes AI-driven screening of applications to ensure that candidates meet the basic qualifications and align with the company culture. However, once this initial filter is complete, we transition to personal interactions.

    For example, every candidate who passes the initial screening receives a personalized video message from their potential team, explaining the role and the company culture. This not only makes the candidate feel valued but also gives them a taste of the company’s environment.

    Additionally, we host virtual 'meet and greet' events where candidates can interact with current employees in a casual setting, fostering a sense of connection and belonging right from the start. This approach has helped us maintain a personal touch while efficiently managing a large number of applicants.

    Phil Mcparlane
    Phil McparlaneFounder & CEO, 4DayWeekJobs

    Employ Dynamic Personalization and Round-Robin Chats

    The strategies that help us keep the human touch alive in every candidate's journey, even when the volume's up high, are as follows:

    1. The Dynamic Personalization Duo: Imagine receiving a letter that, while sent to many, feels like it was written just for you. That’s the vibe we go for. Using a mix of smart technology and genuine human insights, we craft our communication to reflect the candidate's experience, skills, and even the traits we’ve noticed about them. For instance, if someone mentions they’re a coffee aficionado, our follow-up might include a little note about our favorite coffee spots around the office. The tip here is to use technology to your advantage but don’t let it do all the talking. A sprinkle of human touch can turn a generic message into a heartwarming note.

    2. The Round-Robin Introduction: High volume doesn’t mean high speed with no brakes. We take a moment to slow down and introduce candidates to various team members through a round-robin of short, informal chats. This not only gives the candidate a 360-view of Toggl but also allows our team to get to know the candidate from different perspectives. Each team member then shares a unique insight or something they learned about the candidate, which we compile and share in a personalized feedback loop. The tip here is to make sure every interaction adds a new layer of understanding and connection. It’s like gathering pieces of a puzzle to see the whole picture together.

    Alari Aho
    Alari AhoCEO and Founder, Toggl Inc