What Are Creative Employer Branding Initiatives that Attract the Right Candidates?

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    What Are Creative Employer Branding Initiatives that Attract the Right Candidates?

    In the competitive landscape of talent acquisition, we've gathered the most innovative employer branding strategies from eleven human resource professionals and founders. From showcasing real employee experiences to promoting a 'Bloom with Us' mentorship program, these initiatives are designed to attract the right candidates. Discover how leaders like Recruitment Team Leads and Directors of Business Development are creatively enhancing their company's image.

    • Showcase Real Employee Experiences
    • Leverage Employee Testimonials
    • Create Employee Story Videos
    • Host Future Leaders Series
    • Innovate with an Incubator Program
    • Empower Leaders as Brand Ambassadors
    • Launch 'Through Employees' Lens' Series
    • Highlight Vibrant Work Culture
    • Introduce Team with Personal Videos
    • Campaign on Innovation in Action
    • Promote 'Bloom with Us' Mentorship

    Showcase Real Employee Experiences

    One creative employer branding initiative we implemented was a "Day in the Life" video series. We featured real employees from various departments showcasing their daily routines, work environments, and team dynamics. These videos were shared on our careers page and social media.

    For example, our video featuring a stonemason highlighted the unique aspects of the job, the supportive team culture, and career growth opportunities. This authentic glimpse into our company attracted candidates who resonated with our values and work culture, leading to higher-quality applications and improved retention rates.

    Ana Alipat
    Ana AlipatRecruitment Team Lead, Dayjob Recruitment

    Leverage Employee Testimonials

    Employee testimonials are great examples of creating authentic content that can resonate with different candidate types. Oftentimes, prospective applicants will look at platforms like Glassdoor and Indeed to hear what employees are saying about a company. Organizations can flip this by having their own content on their careers site featuring co-worker testimonials or 'day-in-the-life' videos. This helps fill the knowledge gap that candidates are looking for answers to: who the company is, what they do, and why they should work there.

    In addition, organizations can create employee testimonial content based on the job categories that exist at their company (sales, HR, logistics, etc.), as well as the different locations their company may operate in (regionally, nationally, globally, etc.) to appeal to candidates who are looking for information on what it's like to work in those roles and what it's like to work in those locations.

    By taking this approach, firms can measure both overall site traffic coming in because of these blog efforts, as well as the view-to-apply rate on blogs to get a full picture of the recruitment marketing funnel. Employee testimonials make for excellent content pieces that can enhance your employer brand, as well as attract various candidate segments.

    Grant Smith
    Grant SmithGlobal Recruitment Marketing Specialist

    Create Employee Story Videos

    One creative employer branding initiative we've implemented on our recruiting platform is the creation of "Employee Story Videos." We partner with companies to produce short, engaging video clips where current employees share their personal experiences, achievements, and the unique aspects of their company's culture.

    These videos are featured on the company's profile page on our platform. This approach not only humanizes the brand but also provides potential candidates with authentic testimonials, allowing them to envision themselves within the organization and better assess cultural fit. This initiative has significantly enhanced our clients' ability to attract highly compatible and motivated candidates.

    Amit Doshi
    Amit DoshiFounder & CEO, MyTurn

    Host Future Leaders Series

    Inviting innovators and thought leaders from non-traditional backgrounds to talk about unusual career pathways and the value of flexibility in the modern workforce, we started a Future Leaders guest lecture series. We broadcast this series live to facilitate interaction between presenters and applicants, in addition to posting it on our careers page.

    We used a virtual reality tour to give prospective employees a better sense of our office, which featured interactive scenarios that showed typical problems and how teams work together to solve them. This intensive program provided candidates with a unique and interesting means of understanding our workplace and the dynamics of teamwork.

    Finally, we leveraged employee-generated content by encouraging our staff to share their job-related passion projects on our platforms. This helped to present our organization as one that encourages and appreciates individual initiative and creativity.

    Volen Vulkov
    Volen VulkovCo-founder, Enhancv

    Innovate with an Incubator Program

    We had a program called 'Innovation Incubator,' where candidates were invited to devise solutions to a real-world business problem we had been facing. Those selected would pitch their solutions to the leadership team, thereby allowing us to witness how they addressed the inevitable roadblocks by devising creative alternatives.

    This allowed them to participate firsthand in the innovation journey and to experience the agile way we adapted our growth strategy to market dynamics. The program ensured our recruitment was in synergy with the company's vision and goals while also attracting the creation of a particular persona of candidates with innovative thinking. As part of the recruitment process, our employer brand is being built concurrently.

    A forward-looking company that focuses on innovation would subsequently attract creative individuals who are excited to be part of the journey. This helps us unearth top talent with the potential to bring new perspectives to the company and would significantly enhance the employer brand as an employer with a growth-first mindset, which would in turn bear positive outcomes on the recruitment front, such as reduced lead times and quality upgrades in talent application. This optimistic outlook on talent acquisition is a direct result of the 'Innovation Incubator' program.

    Sunaree Komolchomalee
    Sunaree KomolchomaleeHead of Human Resources, Cupid Digital PR Agency

    Empower Leaders as Brand Ambassadors

    One creative employer branding initiative I've found effective is having our leadership team develop authentic personal brands that align with our company culture and values. By showcasing our leaders' unique perspectives, experiences, and passions—through thought-leadership content, social media, speaking engagements, etc.—we've attracted candidates who are genuinely excited to work with our executives and buy into our company's mission.

    The key is ensuring leaders' personal brands are backed up by action, not just lip service. When done right, empowering leaders to be brand ambassadors differentiates your employer brand and forges meaningful connections with right-fit talent. In a competitive market, it gives candidates a window into the people and purpose behind your company.

    Jessica Winder
    Jessica WinderFounder, Hidden Gem Career Coaching

    Launch 'Through Employees' Lens' Series

    At eLearning Industry Inc., we took a unique approach to employer branding by launching a "Through Employees' Lens" video series featuring our team members. This series showcased different roles within our company through actual employee stories, giving a transparent view of our company culture and the diverse projects we handle.

    The videos were shared on our social media platforms and career pages, offering insights into our collaborative environment and our team's innovative work. This initiative attracted candidates who fit our dynamic setting perfectly and significantly increased our engagement rates on social platforms. Candidates mentioned these videos as a key factor in understanding the pulse of our company, making it easier for them to decide to apply.

    Christopher Pappas
    Christopher PappasFounder, eLearning Industry Inc

    Highlight Vibrant Work Culture

    We wanted to showcase the vibrant, collaborative, and innovative culture of our restaurant to attract the right candidates. We created a series of short videos and photo stories featuring our chefs, waitstaff, and management team during their daily routines, special events, and team-building activities.

    These posts highlighted our commitment to quality, teamwork, and the fun aspects of working in our restaurant. We included testimonials from current employees discussing why they love working with us and how they have grown professionally. The campaign also emphasized our sustainable practices and community involvement, which resonated with potential candidates who value these aspects.

    The impact was significant. Not only did we see an increase in applications, but the quality of candidates improved as well. Many applicants mentioned the campaign during interviews, stating that it gave them a genuine feel of our work environment and motivated them to apply. This initiative not only boosted our online presence but also strengthened our employer brand by authentically showcasing what makes our restaurant a great place to work.

    Alex Cornici
    Alex CorniciDirector of Marketing, Awesome Hibachi

    Introduce Team with Personal Videos

    At Startup House, we decided to showcase our team's unique personalities and talents through a series of "Meet the Team" videos on social media. Each video highlighted a different team member, their role in the company, and a fun fact about them. This not only gave potential candidates a glimpse into our company culture but also showed that we value our employees as individuals. As a result, we saw an increase in applications from candidates who resonated with our team's dynamic and diverse personalities.

    Alex Stasiak
    Alex StasiakCEO & Founder, Startup House

    Campaign on Innovation in Action

    One creative employer branding initiative that proved highly effective was the "Innovation in Action" campaign. We aimed to highlight our company's commitment to cutting-edge technology and continuous improvement to attract forward-thinking candidates. The campaign involved creating detailed blog posts, video interviews, and live webinars featuring our engineering and design teams discussing their latest projects and innovations.

    These stories were shared on our website, social media platforms, and industry forums, positioning us as leaders in garage door innovation. Additionally, we hosted virtual open houses where potential candidates could interact with current employees and see our work environment and culture firsthand.

    This initiative attracted candidates who were not only skilled but also passionate about innovation and problem-solving. We received applications from individuals who were eager to contribute to our forward-thinking projects and who aligned with our company values. The campaign effectively communicated our brand as an exciting and dynamic place to work, helping us attract top talent in the industry.

    Adam Bogle
    Adam BogleContent Editor, The Traveler

    Promote 'Bloom with Us' Mentorship

    One creative employer branding initiative that had a major impact was the "Bloom with Us" mentorship program. The program paired new hires with experienced mentors within the company to help them grow professionally and personally.

    We promoted this initiative through a series of engaging blog posts, social media updates, and video testimonials from both mentors and mentees. The content showcased success stories and the positive impact of the program on career progression and personal growth. We also highlighted our involvement in community projects, such as local garden installations and flower donation drives, demonstrating our commitment to giving back.

    As a result, we saw an increase in applications from individuals who valued growth and community service, aligning perfectly with our company values. The program not only enhanced our employer brand but also contributed to higher employee satisfaction and retention.

    Rishi Dhuck
    Rishi DhuckContent Strategist, Priceline