What are three words to describe yourself?

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    three words to describe yourself

    What are three words that describe yourself?

    From "get stuff done" to the three c's, here are 11 answers to the question, "What are three words that describe yourself?"

    • Visionary, Dynamic, and Innovative
    • Attitude, Accuracy, and Creativity
    • Hardworking Reliable Creative
    • The Three C's Describe Me
    • Creative, Organized, Adaptable
    • Customer Satisfaction Matters
    • Courageous, Curious, Creative
    • Relentless, Resourceful, Dedicated
    • Independence, depth, and self-control
    • Determined, compassionate, and curious
    • Get Stuff Done

    Visionary Dynamic and Innovative

    Those three words are Visionary, Dynamic, and Innovative. I am passionate about bringing out the best in people and pushing them to their peak performance level. I am a creative thinker and love to help others with their marketing needs. From a leadership position, I possess a vision to see the future, help people reach their highest potential, and foster an environment that allows others to grow. I am driven to get things done and love learning new techniques and applying them in the real world. I am confident in my ability to lead, teach, and manage. After all, I have a natural ability to help people grow, innovate, and achieve through my faith and the tools I've developed.

    Jacob Dayan, Co-founder and CEO, Community Tax

    Attitude Accuracy and Creativity

    The three defining words that describe me are Attitude, Accuracy, and Creativity. The correct attitude is an essential factor in life. It's what you think about and how you present yourself to the world. When I was a kid, I would go after things with a positive attitude, which has always paid off nicely. Accuracy is also very important. I always want to be sure that I've done something right. Being exact and thorough is a trait that will go a long way in your future. It stands to reason that you will never be successful if you make many mistakes. Lastly, I am a very creative person. I have always sought answers to problems in a different way, and I have always liked to be different. Being different is a fundamental trait that gives you an edge over your competitors.

    Saneem Ahearn, VP of Marketing, Colorescience

    Hardworking Reliable Creative

    I am a hardworking, reliable, and creative individual. I strive to consistently provide the best experience for my colleagues and clients by enabling efficient workflow processes. By understanding the importance of collaborating with others to reach collective goals, I can do my utmost to ensure that these are attained in a timely fashion. My capacity for innovation fosters new ideas and approaches, which I believe is an integral part of growth for any organization.

    Jim Campbell, CEO, Campbell Online Media

    The Three C's Describe Me

    As a director of a company, I try to keep three attributes that naturally come to me. I'm curious, as I tend to ask a lot of questions, making sure I understand why systems are in place or how we implement our products to market. I'm creative, as I need to be able to market our products through different avenues. That means all social media, email, website, and SMS marketing. Keeping myself creative, I am always on the lookout for the next way to market our products. Lastly, I'd say I'm constructive. There are always issues popping up whether they're in my realm of expertise or not. I try to bring constructive solutions to situations and help improve all aspects of our company.

    Seth Newman, Director, SportingSmiles

    Creative Organized Adaptable

    Creative: I enjoy coming up with new ideas and exploring new possibilities. Organized: I like being able to keep track of everything and stay on top of my work schedule. Adaptable: I'm able to adjust easily to changes or new situations. That's why I'm pursuing a career in content marketing since it allows me to utilize all of my strengths.

    Kate Wojewoda-Celinska, Marketing Manager, Spacelift

    Customer Satisfaction Matters

    These are the three words that describe my entire business philosophy and experience: Customer satisfaction matters. Growth is important, but the pursuit of new business can cause you to lose sight of those who helped you get off the ground in the first place. I learned from an early age, long before I entered the business world, that customer service and satisfaction are any business's lifeblood. You can't overlook it. Customers who try your brand and stay with your brand are your foundation. They should matter the most, and they should be made to feel as though they're appreciated.

    Emily Saunders, Chief Revenue Officer, eLuxury

    Courageous Curious Creative

    Courageous, curious, creative. I feel that these three words perfectly sum up my personality, general outlook on life, and work style. Courageous because I always stand up for myself and for others. Curious because it surprises me every day and I find it enjoyable, looking forward to what the future brings. Creative because, as an artistic soul and free spirit, I think outside the box and find unusual solutions to problems.

    Agata Szczepanek, Community Manager, LiveCareer

    Relentless Resourceful Dedicated

    When someone asks me to describe myself in three words, the first one is always "relentless." That's because when it comes to optimizing websites for search engines, no stone is left unturned. The second word is "resourceful." Whenever a client has a particularly tricky issue that needs solving, I like to think outside the box and find creative solutions. Nothing makes me happier than seeing their eyes light up at the end of it all! Finally, the third word would be "dedicated." SEO can often require long hours and hard work, but this isn't something that scares me away. In fact, putting in extra effort is what helps my clients get ahead of their competitors in terms of rankings. It's also why so many come back time after time with more projects for me to take on!

    Jamie Irwin, Director, Straight Up Search

    Independence, depth, and self-control

    Choosing three words to describe me is not an easy thing for me. But there are three words that I like and that are the ideal person that I have been, am, and will always aspire to be: independence, depth, and self-control. Independence, in any case, of mind, relationships, and even finance. Depth leads to knowledge, which leads to kindness and elegance. Self-control, not letting anything affect me, both emotions and people's words.

    Jennie Miller, Co-Founder, MIDSS

    Determined, compassionate, and curious

    Three words that describe myself are determined, compassionate, and curious. I am determined to achieve my goals and pursue my passions, even when faced with challenges or obstacles. I am also compassionate, and strive to understand and support others, and to make a positive difference in the world. Finally, I am curious, and always seeking to learn and grow, both personally and professionally, and to explore new ideas and experiences. These traits are central to who I am, and guide me in my personal and professional endeavors.

    Jake Smith, Managing Director, Absolute Reg LTD

    Get Stuff Done

    I realize you were probably looking for words like "Positive" or "Energetic," etc. But three words that describe me are "Get Stuff Done." I'm always looking for the thing that will help me be better, do better, and get better results, and I get stuff done.

    Alisha Navarro, President, 2 Hounds Design

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